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Kuzanov-Dent is a multi-sectoral dental clinic which during just a few years of operation has become popular both in Georgia and abroad largely owing to the ultra modern treatment methods and hitech. Among our patients, there are the locals, Georgian expatriates and foreigners who specially come to get an efficient dental treatment.

We are proud of our patients' trust and the guarantee results. From the very beginning, the clinic has been operating according to the European standarts.

CEREC 3D technology has made reconstructive dentistry extremely comfortable both for the dentists and the patients. It is owing to CEREC that in the matter of three or four days, the Georgians can now have “a Hollywood smile” of top quality porcelain teeth.

We also widely employ “the Wzircon-ceramic crowns of teeth” and the top quality implants that best substitute dentures worldwide. The Kuzanov-Dent dentists will solve all you teeth problems. Their consultations are free. Kuzanov-Dent cars for your healthy snow white teeth.